5 Reasons You Want to Know Monika Oginski, owner of FABOO

13442148_1154822581236459_2209145657625130611_nThe first time I met Monika Oginski, I was 8 months pregnant.

I walked into FABOO and asked her to dress me in something to wear to the hospital to give birth. I wanted to feel beautiful for what I knew would be one of the most special occasions of my life. Talk about a day at the office!

Rather than tell me I was crazy or send me to Glenwood to shop the maternity section at Target, she literally squealed with delight and began scurrying from rack to rack, pulling items for me to try on. She dressed me from head to toe: gray leopard print palazzo pants with a rollover waistband; a super soft ruffled cotton sweater top in ivory; a black ruched down vest with a luxurious oversized lapel collar; and a matching pillbox hat in black with a teal band adorned with a big, whimsical button. Not only did I strut into that hospital feeling sexy and empowered, I felt like me. Better yet, every item I bought that day still totally works post-baby and these are pieces I will always cherish.

Whether you’re someone who likes to strut around town with your baby bump dressed in leopard print palazzo pants or you just want beautiful quality pieces that will last, chances are you’ll find it at FABOO. Here are five good reasons you want to let Monika help you fill your closet.

She’s honest.
“If something doesn’t look good, I will tell my client because I don’t want them walking around dressed in clothes from my store if they don’t look good,” Monika says. She’s not the kind of person who is going to try to flatter you just to make a sale. So when she gives you her opinion, you know it is actually worth something. And she’s willing to do that even if it means not selling you that item.

She knows a thing or two about fashion.

For years, Monika worked for high end retail in Aspen (including Dior) before opening her first store there five years ago. In Aspen, she had to cater to the highest standards for upscale customers who expected the best in quality and service. But she also knew how to strike a balance between quality and price, an anomaly in Aspen’s high-end retail scene. So her standards for good fashion are high, but her prices are affordable.

She’s a great buyer.
Originally from Poland, Monika seeks out European boutique designers whose clothing are not mass produced but offers unique, high quality fashion that is timeless, not trendy. She knows how to buy clothes for women of all sizes, ages, and body types not just tall and skinny women. So shopping at FABOO is never frustrating or discouraging. You will always find beautiful, quality clothes that fit—even if you are 8 months pregnant!

She cares about her clients.
Monika knows most of her clients by name. Just check out her Facebook page, and chances are you’ll see someone you know! From the Mayor of Basalt to artist Tania Dibbs, Monika offers the kind of personal service that doesn’t even exist anymore. She’ll get to know your style and think of you as clothes come in. She even called her tailor and had those palazzo pants hemmed for me the day I bought them to make sure I could wear them to the hospital just in case I went into labor!

She’s nice.
Monika is the antithesis of the snobby retail store owner you might find in some of the fancier resort towns (hint, hint) and embraces everyone who walks into her store like an old friend. Whether you are young or old, tall or short, skinny or curvy, she will find the perfect thing. And she’s so fun to talk to (and listen to with that accent) that it won’t be long before you’re going back for more.

Email Monika for more information on what’s in store today!